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The articles collected here should explain why certain translations take the form they do, and perhaps help bridge the gap between the small press article and the scholarly research paper. The articles under 'Reassessing Modernism' are not nuanced literary criticism, but plainly-written analyses of representative poets, poems and articles, looked at from wider perspectives. The emphasis is on the practical: what works, what doesn't, and what poets can learn from their predecessors.

Reassessing Modernism

Reassessments: Aims of these Articles
Modernist Poetry and its Competition
William Butler Yeats: A Vision and the Seer
T. S. Eliot: Life Beyond The Wasteland
Foundations of Modernism: Eliot's Literary Criticism
Ezra Pound: Cantos and the Cultural Crusade
William Carlos Williams and the all-American poetry
Wallace Stevens and the new Poetry
W.H. Auden: The Adolescent Who Would Be Himself
Duplicities of Language: Geoffrey Hill
Serious Postmodernism: Prynne and Ashbery
Poetry as Plain Language: Contemporary Movements
Poetry and Personality: Philip Larkin
Sentence Structure in Poetry: The Movement
Back to School: The New Formalists
Definition of Poetry
Modernist Poetry and its Discontents
Truth and the Social Base of Poetry
The Modern Literary Sensibility: A Brief History
Meaning in Modern Poetry: Philosophy and Postmodernism
The Death of Literary Criticism
Inspiration in Modern Poetry: Eight Suggestions

Translation Issues

Racine's Verse Characteristics
English Stage Verse page
Previous Phaedra Translations
Literary and Academic Renderings

Sextus Propertius Elegies: Previous Translations
Pound's Homage to Sextus Propertius
Translating the Propertius Elegies
Rendering the Latin Elegy
Virgil's Georgics: Previous Prose Translations
Virgil's Georgics: Previous Verse Translations
Rendering the Latin Hexameter
Georgics Verse Characteristics
The Language of Horace's Odes

Translating Pushkin's Eugene Onegin
Translating Pushkin's Gypsies
Translating Pushkin's I Loved You
Translating Pushkin's Caucasus
Translating Pushkin's Confession
Translating Annensky's Among the Worlds
Translating Tiutchev's Autumn Evening
Translating Tiutchev's Silentium
Translating Fet's Clear and Golden
Translating Nekrasov's At the Entrance
Translating Nekrosov's See How Many Goods I Pack
Translating Nekraso's Silence
Translating Blok's Black Raven
Translating Blok's Stormy Weather
Translating Vasiliev's Natasha

Alternative Poetry Traditions: Chinese
Alternative Poetry Traditions 2: Other Verse Forms
Translating Chinese Poetry: Academic Contributions
Translating Chinese Poetry: Translating the Long Poem
Translating Chinese Poetry: Translating the Short Poem
Translating Chinese Poetry: Popular Conceptions
Translating Chinese Poetry: Form and Spirit: Disasters